Local Towns - Laval

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Bridge Over the River Mayenne View of the River Mayenne

Laval is a historic town set on the banks of the river Mayenne and dating back to the 6th Century. The medieval town with its 11th Century castle, half-timbered houses, towers and ramparts has an interesting history and a wealth of natural charm and some of the shops in the Grande Rue have origins going back centuries.
A number of churches can be found around the town of which the Basilica Notre Dame d'Avesnieres is undoubtedly the most beautiful with its magnificent steeple.
There are plenty of shops and restaurants in Laval and a market in the town centre every Tuesday and Saturday, held near the Palais de Justice. There is also a good commercial centre on the outskirts of the town with supermarkets, DIY shops and garden centres.

Getting to Laval is easy and takes approximately 25 minutes by car. The town is a good size and offers everything within easy reach.