Local Towns - Sainte-Suzanne

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Hotel De Ville, Sainte-Suzanne Hilltop View - Sainte-Suzanne

Sainte-Suzanne is a delightful ancient ‘cité médiévale’ situated above a rocky promontory dominating the valley of the river Erve, 250 feet below. Wonderfully picturesque without being twee, the town has a rich military history and the castle keep (donjon) was built in the 11th Century. Sainte-Suzanne boasts it was the only town that successfully resisted an attack by William the Conqueror who laid siege to it from 1083 to 1087. The town remained impervious to attackers for another three centuries, until during the 100 Years War when the castle fell into English hands for 14 years before being re-taken by the French.

Sainte-Suzanne’s amenities include a handful of restaurants and cafes, a small grocery store, a pharmacie and a boulangerie. You can wander through the cobbled streets and take a walk around the castle grounds with its magnificent views, or sit in one of the local bars and enjoy a coffee, a glass of wine or sample the locally brewed beer. There is also an outdoor swimming pool (open during the summer season only) and a crazy golf course attached to a small campsite.

Approximately 15 minutes drive from Les Ecoubleres, Sainte-Suzanne is a good place to go for supplies but doesn’t compete with the nearby supermarkets and DIY stores at Evron.